Sunday, November 20, 2011

Research is going great!

So today I had my first the excitement of the holidays and Can't wait to celebrate them with Danielle, I slipped by saying I want a little boy for Christmas to friends/coworker. It was infront of my husband too...I have started to talk freely about it infront of him. I know it takes him time to process through decisions and this is a big one, but I'm not giving up my hopes...if I did now, I will surely give up during the true waiting process. We all should think hard about adoption, it is a big things, but it is also a wonderful thing and we shouldn't be scared of it. We all have our processing time so be patient if your spouse is naturally slow. So anyways, in my slip up I have found another family that has adopted 3 boys from Russia. This will be my second family that friends have refered me to. I have learned to watch for signs in my life & things like this don't just line up accidentally. I have found a great book too-The Complete book of international adoption by Dawn Davenport. It seems very thorough...some I've already discovered but, has many other families stories...which I find very interesting. Happy Thanksgiving!

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